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A Perfect Lyfe Custom Massage: Spa Lyfe Signature Massage

Customized Massage to each client's specific need's and request utilizing a blend of Deep Tissue Techniques, Swedish Strokes, Thai Stretches, Shiatsu " Finger Pressures" Hot Stone and a Choice of Aromatherapy.

85 dollars /60 mins
125 dollars / 90 mins

The Active Lyfe : Deep Tissue Massage/ Sports

A modified Deep Tissue Massage with an element of Sports Massage techniques such as stretching as well as ointments such as Tiger Balm and/or Bio-Freeze analgesic " pain relieving ointments " designed to meet the needs of clients with problems areas and seek results and pain management. Our therapist may utilize other techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy and Stretching.

85 dollars 60 min / 120 90 min

Lyfe Heals: Swedish Massage

This classic style Swedish massage healing to the body, mind and spirit client's will experience long lite to firm strokes allowing the client to relaxes the whole body. In addition, Therapist utilizes and all Natural Aromatherapy Blended with all Natural Avocado Oil to moisturize and hydrate the skin bringing, balance, peace, and serenity.

85 dollars 60 min / 120 75 min

The Eastern Lyfe: Zen Shiatsu, Thai Stretches, and Reflexology

The Eastern Lyfe is a perfect blend of three Asian-derived massage modalities Zen Shiatsu finger pressures and whole hand-holding, Thai Stretches three to five leg, arm, hip and neck stretches, modified when necessary, Foot and Hand Reflexology.

*Throughout the Massage Client will be covered with a sheet while the therapist applies Zen Shiatsu techniques.

85 dollars/ 60 min

58 Dollars/ 40 min

" Feet -Treat " Foot Massage & Reflexology

10-minute Aromatherapy - Epsom Salt & Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak,
Hydrating Foot Scrub, 15 minute Foot Lower Leg Massage & Reflexology

"A New Lyfe" Pregnancy Massage

Mothers' to be will experience a full body massage while lying on her side while holding a firm Pillow for typically 20 minutes on each side and another 20 minutes Supine " face up" comfortably lying inclined with pillows support her knees, head, and neck while lying on a heated Massage Table.

* Mother's are only allowed to receive a Pre-Natal Massage while in the second trimester or further along in Pregnancy, clients will be asked to obtain written permission from their Physicians or Medical Provider if there is a current medical issue(s).

90 Dollars 60 min / 120 75 min

The Good Lyfe " Hot Stone Massage Aromatherapy and Foot Scrub 120 Dollars / 75 mins

Love Lyfe: Hot Stone Massage includes Aromatherapy

Basalt Stones rich in Minerals warmed to perfect and safe temperature for a full body relaxation. Therapist slowly works stones into each area of the body effortlessly melting away tension and stress from each muscle. The client can request Long Swedish Strokes and /or Deep Tissue Techniques therapist will access problems areas to help clients make an accurate determination for each session.

100 dollars / 75 minutes

Celluma for Pain Relief

90 dollars - 30 mins + Ask about Package Pricing

*Add on to 40 dollars to any 30, 60, 90 - minute Massage

Back lower, mid, upper, Knee's, Wrist, Neck, Ankle(s), Shoulders, Thigh(s)

Use Celluma to help alleviate:

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Muscle spasm

Muscle and joint pain

Muscle tissue tension

Joint and muscle stiffness

Diminished local circulation

Post-surgical healing

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