What is the HydraFacial :

The HydraFacial is a mechanical resurfacing treatment that Cleanses, Exfloliates the skin, Extracts sebum (black and White heads) from the skin and infuses Moisture rich serums into the skin.

Note : Not a Microdermabrasion or a Laser Treatment.

How it Works :

The HydraFacial utilizes a patented Vortex Technology Vacuum Sunction while utilizing a Dispoable and Hygenic Tips that are utilized for different stages of the treatment. While the HydraFacial technology is amazing and unparalleled the solutions used withing the Treatment are also unmatched and designed to calm, nourish and deeply cleanse the skin.

The Hydrating & Calming Cleanse Phase : Provides a Powerful Antoxidants such as Algae Extract, Glucosamine and Lactic Acid

Gentle yet Powerful Acid Peel: A perfect balance of Gycolic & Salicylic Acid

Honey Extract, Salicylic Acid and Spiraea Ulmaria Flower Extract

Serum Infusion:
Green Tea Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Arnica Flower Extract, Copper PCA/ Magenesium, Zinc and Tone "Perfect Complex "Red Algae Complex.

What Skin issues does the Treatment address :

Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Re-Texturing, Hyperpigmentation, Stage 1-4 Acne, Oily Congested Skin and Sun Damage and Much More.

What are the Results:

Click on the Link Below to see a Series of Before & Afters : Acne, Fine Lines, Sun (Photo) Damage and Hyperpigmentation.


The Price :

Face/Neck : HydraFacial Treatment 150 dollars
Body Parts One of each area: Thighs, Legs, Back or Arms 30/180 dollars
Red or Blue LED Treatment 40 dollars
Face Lymphatic Drainage 50 dollars
Body Lymphatic One of each area: Thighs, Legs, Back or Arms 30/115 dollars

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