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Fit BodyWrap 85 dollars / 60 minute Session
*Best Results seen in Our Packages of 3 , 6, 10, and 20 Sessions

Benefits :

Pain Relief

*Pain Relief in 2008 study found that chronic pain patients experienced nearly a 70% reduction in pain levels after the first infrared therapy sessions

Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction

Lose more than just water infrared has been found to assist with weight loss by eliminating fats & toxins. It can also help rebuild collagen, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Studies have shown that sweat produced during infrared sessions can contain as much as 20% fats and toxins.

Skin Rejuvenation & Relaxation

Infrared can improve the condition of the skin through increased metabolism, oxygenation of tissue and increased blood flow. Infrared can aid in providing profound relaxation by maintaining healthy levels of cortisol in the body.

The Technology :

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Fit BodyWrap produces far infrared heat, which is light we can't see, but can feel as heat. Infrared heat warms us without warming the air around us and penetrates our bodies, rather than only heating the skin. The Fit BodyWrap generates infrared heat in the 5-15 micron wavelength, the same length as the sun and our bodies produce, so it is safe and natural. Infrared as used in the Fit BodyWrap is known to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Client Preparation : *Drink Plenty Water the day before, *Bring a change of under clothes, * Drink Plenty of Water the of and after.

Reviews :

This body wrap puts the cherry on top! Skin feels great. Clothes get loose and any joint pain diminishes! Not expensive. Not invasive. U r private and u can listen to your iPod or FB or watch tv. The hour flies by and us worth it. I love this addition to my beauty regiment!
Marg Tor,

"I work at a tanning salon that provides the FIT wrap services and let me tell you, this things did wonders to my body, within three months I lost 12lbs! With the right mindset and determination anyone can accomplish what I have! Strongly recommend!"
Jessica L,

I did 5 sessions and after the 2nd one I started noticing major differences in how I felt! After all 5 in my package, I had already lost 1.5 inches around my waist and 5 pounds. I feel amazing! The FIT Booster spray also makes my skin so soft. Thank you for such a great product & experience!"
Lauren G,

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