Arosha Body Wrap

Arosha Body Wrap 60 minutes
130 dollars per Wrap, also Sold in Packages of 3, 6 and 9

What is the Arosha Body Wrap ?

An Italian based company known for it's aesthetic science skin care regimens , Arosha utilizes plant based ingredient's that are and rich active such as the following, Caffeine, Guarana extract , Escina ( a saponin found in horse chestnuts), Centella Asiatica ( known as Gotula Kola), and Fucus Vesiculsus Extract also known as (Bladderwrack a type of Brown Seaweed), and Dead Sea Salts.

What are the benefits of the Arosha Body Wrap ?

Visible Cellulite Reduction
Reduce Heavy Leg
Lose up to 3cm / 1 inch in per Body Wrap
Detoxifying via Sweat Glands
Softens & Tones Skin

Reduce Flaccidity ( Improves skin elasticity)
Body Brushes : Promotes Micro- Circulation, Removes dead skin cells, aids Lymphatic Drainage, and aids Penetration of Arosha rich ingredients.

Home Care Suggestions & Contraindications :

*Completion of any waxing treatments should be only be performed 24 hours before and after any body wrap.

*After every Body Wrap client should increase water intake, this will prevent the body from retaining water due to dehydration.

*Clients should body brush and hydrate the skin on a daily basis

*No Sun bathing, sun beds, sauna, Jacuzzi or swimming up to two hour after body wrap

*If you have a heart condition, are claustrophobic, heat sensitivity or any other physical or medical conditions please communicate them with your Body Wrap Technician.

What should you expect from your Arosha Body Service ?

* To begin Please arrive 5- 10 minutes early fill out Medical History & Consent form.

* Please Drink Plenty of Filtered Water at least a day Prior to your Body Wrap.

* Your Body Wrap Technician will consult you on ideal areas to Wrap the Body and Expected Benefits.

* Your Body Wrap Technician will leave the room and allow you undress in privacy.

* After Re- entering the room the Body Wrap Technician will exfoliate with Skin Brush on the area's that we area's we plan to wrap.

* Body Wrap Technician will apply a boosting Ampuole will be applied.

* Body Wrap Technician will Wrap selected areas with Warm Gauze.
Body Wrap Technician will Help you on to the Heated Massage Table.

* Body Wrap Technician will apply any left over Body Wrap Solution.

* Body Wrap Technician will Wrap you in a Thin Plastic, Mylar Blanket, Wool Blanket, and a additional Blanket.

*Body Wrap will Provide you with a Head Pillow, a Knee Bolster, and a Aromatherapy ( all clients may opt of any of the three enhancements).

* The Body Wrap Technician will turn on Relaxing Music and deem the lights for relaxing Body Wrap Experience

* The Body Wrap Technician will ask how you are feeling and check in with you in regards to your temperature.

* You will be Wrapped for no more than 40 minutes unless request less time. *Body Wrap Technician will un- wrap you in most cases you have sweated quite bit and feel a little sticky

* Body Wrap Technician will hand you a Warm damp clothe and help you Wipe down.

* The remaining solution should be left on for two hours and shower off immediately after.

* Arosha Body Wrap should be done in a Series of 6 & 9 Sessions for complete benefits.

* Breast & Face are prohibited to Wrap in compliance with Arosha Body Wrap.

Weight Loss Disclaimer: Arosha Body is not a Weight loss treatment or service, results may vary depending on each individual client and each individual Body Wrap.

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