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What we Believe

We believe that appropriate touch is one the most powerful healing modalities in the world, whether it's a hardy hug, cuddling session or a Deep Tissue Massage. We believe that self- care leads to self - evaluation, and self- evaluation leads to self - awareness thus leading to self – love.

What we Know

We know that life comes with necessary and unnecessary stress sometimes caused by accidents, injuries and/or crisis. Due to scientific research and return clientele, we know that Professional Massage has a plethora of benefits and rewards. We know that more consistent a client is about their self – care i.e. Massage regimen the more they reap the benefits of their invested time and resources.

What we Understand

We understand that your time is valuable. We understand that you are an individual with needs that are constant and others that are ever changing.

What we Do

We do care; We do make our clients a priority, we do further our training with our client's in mind. We do tailor our services to our client's needs with respect our policies and procedures. We do enjoy our work.

What we Except our Clients

We expect our clients to take credit for how good they feel after and between every service. We except our clients communicate their wants, needs as well personal medical changes as they occur.

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